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The IJVS is a journal published free-of-charge exclusively on the World Wide Web. The six editions appearing each year are divided into two parts. The first section contains three or four articles on a theme, of graded sophistication, aimed to assist, interest and also improve the performance of the non-specialist through to the dedicated experienced spectroscopist, news, views and an unusual feature - hot sources on an ever expanding body of spectroscopic subjects, and spectroscopists' bookshelf, a list of recommended books.

Click here for the latest edition Volume 6, Edition 3. This edition features:-

  • FT-NIR Spectroscopy in the Ink and Paint Industry,  Eszter Trenka and Joachim Oelichmann
  • Infrared & Raman Spectra of solids Why are they different from solutions? Editor
  • How FTIR works III, The Editor & Fabrice Birembaut.

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